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How we are different

Our Bike Fit Studio is located on 23 Westhaven Drive within the Velo Boutique Indoor training centre, It is operated by expert Bicycle Fit Technician Craig Baldwin. We believe that it is very important to fit the bike to the rider and not the other way around. Many shops will charge you a lot of money to fit you to a bike that may in fact not even be the correct bike for you in the first place, every manufacturers frame sizes and geometries are different that is why we use the contact point system, the contact point system is a way of taking your bike position and measurements and transforming them in to numbers i.e Your digital position which can be used to find your perfect position or as close as possible position depending on your bike. We will tell you exactly how far away from your ideal position your current bike set up is enabling us to fine tune your position to the nearest millimetre.
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